Intro to Digital Media

The course will focus on theories and concepts that support the critical analysis and creation of digital media with particular attention to sound, image, text, and video for artistic intent. (STUDENT WORK: Sound, Design, Experimental Video)

Intro to Digital Video I: Production and Editing

This course is a project-based course in the use of non-linear digital video editing systems. Emphasis is placed on the process of digital video development and production using non-linear video editing techniques. (STUDENT WORK: Documentary, Commercial)

Advanced Digital Video II: Production and Editing

The course will cover advanced strategies for production such as cinematography, lighting, and advanced sound recording. Advanced post-production topics such as color correction, media management, special effects, and multi-camera editing will be explored. (STUDENT WORK: Narrative Video, Experimental Video)

Intro to Digital Photography

This is an introductory course in photography including the in­ depth use of the digital camera and an introduction to digital imaging technology. In addition to technique, students will explore photographic composition, engage in critical dialogue about the visual language of photography, and become versed in photographic presentation and communication strategies. (STUDENT WORK: Photography)

Advanced Digital Photography

The course stresses the development of a cohesive body of work, with the final goal a series of project- based photographs. Prerequisite: Digital Photography I or equivalent experience. (STUDENT WORK: Photography)

Intro to Creative Computing

An introduction to the conceptual uses and historical precedents for the use of computers in creative making. Projects include using tools such as Processing to make 4k abstract animations and working with 3D modeling tools to create forms that will be output on 3D prototyping devices such as the MakerBot. (STUDENT WORK: Creative Coding, 3D Printing)


Post-Photographic Practices

Technologies such as 4k cell phone imaging, photogrammetry, photo stitching, and augmented reality  based apps continue to expand photographic forms and possibilities. Projects include new technological approaches to image creation in order to rethink the way that images are created, distributed, and viewed. (STUDENT WORK: GIFs, Virtual Reality, Photogrammetry)

Expanded Cinema & Performative Media Spaces

This course will focus on the theme of expanded cinema and new forms of digital video media such as interactive video installation, projected video mapping, the projected image in engagement with architectural spaces, and live performance. Over the course we will explore the early history of the projected image, the arrival of video installations, and our current engagement with new forms of interactive and immersive media environments. (STUDENT WORK: Projection Mapping, Interactive Video Installation)

360 Digital Video for Virtual Reality

This course will explore the history of immersive experience creation leading up to the current technologies for virtual reality experiences. Students will work with 360 video cameras technologies as well as VR platforms to craft experimental VR experiences. 

Experimental Approaches to Public Space

In this the course the politics of space are used as the catalyst for critical analysis of public and private, identity, privilege, and the role of architecture in shaping public consciousness. Final projects will culminate in the realization of projects in public spaces which directly challenge or explore notions of space, access, identity, privilege, gender, and social norms.

Crossing Boundaries: New Avenues of Making

The course is an interdisciplinary and project oriented class including students from multiple areas including Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance, Design, Music, and Computer Science. The course will challenge students to develop a theoretical understanding of the relationship between traditional ideas of authorship and contemporary ideas of authorship that are distributed, collaborative, and ephemeral.


Critical Issues in Techno Arts

This seminar-style class focuses on readings that explore the idea of how the technological gets defined with and against other aspects of culture, such as gender, class, and race. The class will culminate with a paper on a topic agreed with the professor, and with a short, informal presentation of the topic in the last week of class. (STUDENT WORK: Writing / Research)

Professional Practices

Fundamental skills of creating and sustaining a creative practice are covered in this workshop style class. Students will develop web and print portfolios, refine how they describe and define their practice via written materials. Emphasis will be placed on personal branding, professionalism, and presentation.

Trolls, Toads, Avatars, and 4Chan: Uninhibited Identity and Unhinged Communication in Digitally Mediated Spaces

Currently in development.