STUDENT WORK - Virtual Reality

Course: Special Topics in Media: Post Photographic Practices

In this course, students work with the concept of post-photography and historical photographic practices such as motion studies, slit scan photography, and the panorama to inspire projects based in current tech such as Cardboard VR and 360 photography.

NOTE: These projects are best viewed on a cellphone with a Cardboard VR Viewing device or similar to properly experience the work.

The cellphone based application required to properly view these as stereoscopic images with accompanying soundscape is Cardboard Camera:

Jacob Rosales, Faiza Syed, Qinmei Yu, “Seeing Thru Another’s Eyes”, 360 Degree VR Photography for VR Viewer, 2017


Nha-Thinh Nguyen, “Garden Dreams”, 360-Degree VR Photography for VR Viewer, 2019


Darlene Vales and Alexa Rizo, “An Imagined World”, 360 Degree VR photography for VR Viewer, 2019


Sisi Chen, “Fantasy”, 360 Degree Photography for VR Viewer, 2019


Maeve Travis, “Monday Morning on Io, 2315”, 360 Degree VR Photography for VR Viewer, 2019


Jerod Thompson and Jonathan Vy, “Aldrich Park”, 360 Degree Photography and Sound for VR Viewer, 2019


Samantha Bejarano, Jessica Ramirez, Xu Xia, “Chiming Lights”, 360 Degree VR Photography for VR Viewer, 2017


Katelyn Goodman, Adriana Mejia, Araceli Valdez, “Tiny Living”, 360 Degree VR Photography for VR Viewer, 2017

ahmejia_Lil House Left.jpg

Faiza Syed, “Chromophilia”, Immesive VR Video, 2018

(Note: This project can be viewed through YouTube as an immersive video when viewed through a Cardboard or other cellphone based viewer)