STUDENT WORK - Digital Design

COURSES: Intro to Digital Design

(Software: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop)

In this course, students study elements of design such as typography, color, composition, and digital video and image manipulation.

ASSIGNMENT: Working with Existing Media

Students work with existing stock footage to create dream sequences.

ASSIGNMENT: New Media Ad Campaign

Students work with technology such as projection mapping, sensors, and other forms of new media to create ad campaigns.

Ming Ming (Kellie) Liu, Nike AF1 "3D Poster”, Projected Video, 2019

Using projection to animate an advertisement, Nike AF1 “3D Poster” explores graphic design in media marketing beyond its typical two-dimensional form of posters, billboards, or digital images. Methods of 2D graphic design are used to layout and visually communicate the product’s appeal to customers is still present, but the use of projected media and a physical shoe adds spatial depth and real-time dynamism to the exhibit to create an overall more compelling and immersive experience to viewers.

ASSIGNMENT: Digital Imaging and Compositing

Students work with digital images inside of Photoshop to create layered and composited image files.