Graduate School Highlights

Studio visit from Casey Reas one of the creators of the programming language and software Processing. Meeting with new media + video artist Jennifer Steinkamp. Working directly with Net art pioneer Amy Alexander. Miller Puckette who created both MAX/MSP/Jitter and PureData agreed to be a part of my thesis committee.

PUNCH Gallery, Seattle, WA - Whither the American Dream?

I am very excited to be a part of an upcoming exhibition at PUNCH Gallery in Seattle, Washington.  The exhibition will run from November 21, 2013 - December 21, 2013.   An opening reception and awards ceremony will be held on December 5.

The show was juried by Rock Hushka, Curator of Contemporary and Northwest Art at the Tacoma Art Museum.

The video of I Go Humble... will be on display along with works from 15 other artists from across the country.


Thank you PUNCH Gallery!

100 at 100 Show at Georgia State University Art Gallery

I Go Humble. .., 2011, C-Type Prints Mounted on Aluminum and Looped Video

I Go Humble..., 2011, C-Type Prints Mounted on Aluminum and Looped Video

100 at 100

August 15 – September 27, 2013
Reception: Thursday, September 5, 5 - 8pm

Selected by noted Atlanta art critic Jerry Cullum, 100 at 100 features one hundred works of art by Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design Alumni. The exhibit celebrates the breadth and accomplishment of Welch School Alumni and the Georgia State University Centennial.


TROLL is Complete, Photos + Video Coming Soon

To all those who saw TROLL at FLUX NIGHT or watched it via our LiveStream, thank you!  Wes and I feel the project was a great success.  It was very interesting to see the range of responses to the sign and the performers did an amazing job working with such a large crowd.

We will have photos and videos from the event online very soon.  Thank you again for all of your support.  This project would not have been possible without the support of both Flux Projects and Safety Signal.  Thank you.

TROLL will now be Streaming LIVE, Oct. 6th, 8pm - midnight

For all those who are interested in the project but can't attend FLUX NIGHT, please join the live stream of the project here.  You will be able to virtually experience the project from the safety of our computer.  You will also be able to chat with our "trolls" who are running the installation while they troll the audience at the festival.  You ready, bro?